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You have a name. Everyone identify you with this name. Similarly there should be a way to identify your website from the 2 billion website on the internet and that is a domain name for a website. To own an identical domain name you must have to buy domain from a domain register. There are a few companies in Bangladesh who are providing domain and hosting services.

Zaman IT is one of them. Zaman IT is the oldest domain and hosting service seller in Bangladesh. We have been providing domain and hosting services in Bangladesh since 2008. We have provided different services around 7000+ customers in last 15 years. So, if you want to buy domain in bd undoubtedly Zaman IT should be your first priority.

buy domainBuy Domain in Bangladesh

Business owners in Bangladesh want to host their business websites online to increase sales; We are the affordable and excellent choice for them. We provide the best domain register and high-quality web hosting service in Dhaka, Bangladesh at a reasonable price to help the business owner to create their online presence.

How Our Domain Buying and Hosting Registration Services Help You

Our domain buying and hosting registration services may help you with establish and maintain your online presence. Here is the list how may our services can help you:

  1. User friendly domain acquisition system: We have integrated a user friendly domain searching system in our website. If you want to find out the availability and price of your desired domain, use our domain finder tool, you don’t need to be a technical person to do this.
  2. Domain based email addresses: To increase your credibility and brand value domain based web mail is essential nowadays. In our domain registration services you will have the option to create web email addresses.
  3. Reliable Hosting Services: We provide top-notch hosting services in Bangladesh. It doesn’t matter whether you need shared hosting, VPS hosting, corporate or dedicated hosting, we have been providing all of them with reliable and secure hosting options.
  4. Website Security: Our hosting services ornamented with top quality security services as like, SSL certificate and regular backup to protect your valuable data from being hacked or stolen.
  5. 24/7 Customers Support: We are enriched with a support team of 20 members. We are open 24/7 to provide you immediate support when you really need. We are providing one stop domain and hosting registration services and our team has been working to ensure your smooth connection all time.

Zaman IT 24/7 customer support for domain hosting services


Why You Buy Domain And Hosting From Us In Bangladesh?

According to a recent study, the Internet represents a great opportunity for small businesses. So, if your business is not online, your company is losing many potential customers. The first and most essential doorway to your company’s internet presence is its name. It is ideal to allow your web address to reflect your brand when new businesses are blooming and competitive. Zaman IT is the top domain hosting company in Bangladesh. We feature a large and growing directory of available addresses, and the purchasing process is relatively simple.

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ZAMAN IT is the leading IT company in Bangladesh. We are working for last 15 years in Dhaka. We import Domain & hosting service from very old and reputed company. You can buy domain and hosting from us without any hesitation and hassle. If you want to know details about domain purchasing from us feel free to contact our number: 01973009007


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