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An access control device is a security strategy that allows one place to view or use or control another place. The access control device is also used for recording attendance time, known as thumb (tipshoi) attendance machine. These safety devices can be used in many areas such as business, bank, office, school-college to provide security for all types of work. It is good to know that access control depends on many things

Safety Method:

Access control provides security in a variety of ways, including finger, retina, face, keypad, and RFID.

1.Fingerprint system: The method that provides security through the access of scanning the fingers is called fingerprint access control. This system is pre-registered by data input. The latter works based on previous information.

2.Retina system: Retina is the photosensitive screen behind the eyeball. The data is input by scanning the retina inside it using advanced technology in access control. As a result, when the light of the access control falls on the eye, it works by scanning based on the information given earlier.

3.Face system: The most advanced technology security device of the present time. The device comes with a sensor camera that can scan the face very quickly. Like the previous devices, it also has to input data in advance. Works based on that data.

4.Keypad system: The device is used by pressing the number button of the specific ID.

5.RFID System: The full form of RFID is radio-frequency identification or wireless frequency identification. RFID device works through the frequency of the radio that uses electromagnetic fields to automatically detect and track the information provided. For this, a radio receiver and transmitter are connected to the device.

Capacity of the Control Device:

The capacity of all types of access controls is not the same. It should be selected based on the needs of the user. There are two types of capacity, one is user capacity and the other is log capacity. The user capacity plays a major role. User capacity ranges from 255 to 100,000. However, it depends on the access control system.

Door Sensors and Locks:

Door sensor is an essential element for home security. Informs when someone enters the house and when someone opens the door, the two parts separate. Also smart lock on the door is used at present. The smart lock sensor detects if the door is open or closed and warns if you want to lock the door if it is open.


Connectivity depends entirely on its security system. Different types of security systems use different types of connectivity, including key-pad RFID using TCP / IP, Wi-Fi optional and USB host. The fingerprint access control has connections other than the Bluetooth connection.

Back-up Power:

Not all types of access controls have battery backup. However, most access controls now offer battery back-up which lasts for a certain period of time when the power is disconnected. It depends on the capacity of the access control battery and the type of user. However, for ease of use, it is better to have a battery backup in the access control.


Fingerprint Attendance Machine Price in Bangladesh

Attendance Machine Price in Bangladesh

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