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Zaman-IT  provide prescription management software which is easy to use. Nowadays printing prescription are becoming popular. Prescription software facilitates the patient to understand the medicine. There are many software on the market for writing prescriptions. First you have to consider which one is suitable for your job. If you are an MBBS / GP, you will need one type of software and if you are a dentist, you will need a different type. ZAMAN IT provide Prescription Software in Bangladesh for last 15 years.

Zaman IT provides best Prescription management software in Bangladesh


Prescription Software Features:prescription

  • Dashboard Doctor: In the dashboard, the doctor can see the short status and report of a patient
  • New Patient Entry: This option is used for new patients and their serial entry
  • View All Patient: The doctor can get all patient information with their history and past prescription.
  • Doctor’s Information: Here doctor can set up their information so that in pad it can print automatically
  • Doctor’s Chamber: Here doctor can set up their all chamber address that will print in the footer in prescription
  • Patient Serial: This option is used for patient serial
  • View Patient Serial: This option is used to see all patient serial.
  • Patient Disease Setting: This option can use for pre-disease setting option with pre-prescription so that doctors can create a prescription within one click.
  • New Medicine: All medicine is already in the software, but if a doctor wants to enter any new medicine, he can do it by themselves.
  • Investigation: All investigation lists are already there, but the doctor can enter a new investigation here if needed.
  • New Document: With a prescription, the doctor can print attached documents if needed.
  • Advice: This option used for pre-setup new advice.

Development Tools:

  • Language: PHP
  • Database: MySQL
  • Framework: CI

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What is Prescription Writing Software?

prescriptionPrescription writing software is software that helps physicians and other healthcare professionals write prescriptions. As a doctor, you can use prescription writing software in a lot of different ways. It can help them make a patient profile, put in the diagnosis, and choose the right medicine or treatment. This software can also help them make prescriptions automatically by typing in their prescribing instructions or choosing from a list of pre-written instructions that the software already has. Software that helps doctors and pharmacists write prescriptions faster is the main goal of this type of software called “prescription writing software.” The app can also help them avoid spelling mistakes when writing their prescriptions.

Why do you need Prescription Management Software?

A Prescription Management Software is a computer software system used in a pharmacy to help speed up the work done there. This includes reviewing doctor orders and preparing medications, controlling the inventory and making drug orders, billing, insurance, counseling, identifying incompatibilities, and more – all while following legal rules and regulations. These are just some of the traditional tasks that a machine can do. Many more features can give the pharmacy a better customer experience and make it more likely to get new patients by giving them more personalized and interesting service. These features will be discussed in great detail in the next part of the text. When you use Prescription Management Software, you can get all of these things.

The Benefits of Using prescription Management Software

Prescription management software is a program that helps to manage patients’ prescriptions. It can be as simple as a spreadsheet or an electronic system. The benefits of using this software include the following:

1) It provides better visibility into patients’ medication history, which may help with adherence.

2) It can reduce the time spent on documentation and other tasks to manage prescriptions.

3) It can help pharmacies comply with regulations and best practices for prescription management.

Features of Prescription Management Software

Prescription Management Software has a lot of good things about it. It also has a lot of features that are important for making things run smoothly. PIS includes consultation documentation, inventory management, reporting, drug interaction monitoring, patient personal profiles, and many other things.

Web-based ordering systems. Often provided by drug wholesalers, these systems allow pharmacists to order medications on a wholesaler’s website. There are a lot of different types of computers that pharmacists use.prescription

  • Web-based ordering systems
  • Perpetual inventory systems
  • Automatic dispensing systems
  • Inventory management
  • Stock organization and counting
  • Medication ordering
  • Reporting

The Benefits

The benefits of the prescription management software for doctor’s offices are huge. The doctors can focus on their patients and not on administrative tasks. Patients and their needs are more important to doctors because they spend less time on administrative tasks. This software also makes prescriptions more accurate, which is a big help for both doctors and patients.

Medical Prescription Writing Software is software that helps people write prescriptions?

Medical prescription writing software is software that helps people write prescriptions. There are three types of medical prescription writing software:

1) Prescription templates – These templates are pre-written prescriptions that the user can fill in with the patient’s information and then print out.

2) Prescription generators – Generators help users create their prescriptions by entering the drug information and generating a complete prescription for the user to print out.

3) Customized prescription generators – These are like generators, but they allow users to add their personal touch to the generated prescription before printing it out.

Medical prescription writing software is a computer program that people use to write prescriptions. It is a type of medical software. Medical Prescription writing software helps doctors, pharmacists, and other health care professionals with their work by generating the appropriate text for prescriptions. It can also be used to document patient visits or record clinical information.

The Benefits of Prescription Printing Software

Prescription printing software is a software application that use to print prescriptions. It comes with prescription printing software, prescription management software, and prescription verification features. When doctors and pharmacists work with this software, it can help them save time by making it easier to print prescriptions. A new technology called prescription printing software has been made to help solve the problem of prescription mistakes.

The benefits of this software are:

– Provides a way for pharmacists to print prescriptions for patients more efficiently.

– Helps pharmacists avoid mistakes in prescribing medications.

– Allows pharmacies to streamline their operations and save time

How does Digital Prescription Software Work?

Digital prescription software is an emerging technology used to increase the efficiency of healthcare providers. Reduced paperwork and improved patient data accuracy are two other uses for this technology. The software creates a digital health record for each patient, which can be accessed by all health care providers involved in the patient’s care. This allows for quick access to all of the patient’s medical history and records and provides a more streamlined experience.

Digital prescription software can be used in three ways:

 1) it can be installed on a hospital’s server so that doctors can use it from any computer in their facility;

 2) it can be installed on a doctor’s laptop so that they have access to their patients’ records wherever they are;

 3) it can be installed on

In conclusion, prescription writing software and prescription management software can be extremely beneficial to pharmacists and patients. By helping to keep track of prescriptions, the prescription management software can help ensure that patients are getting the medications they need while also minimizing the potential for medication errors. For pharmacists, prescription management software can help speed up the prescription writing process, which can be especially helpful during busy times.

At ZAMAN IT, we provide the service of prescription management software and prescription writing software. Prescription management helps doctors to send prescriptions to a pharmacy from a hospital. Writing prescriptions manually can be hard. But with this software, it is easy for doctors to write prescriptions.


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