Best Retail Online Pharmacy Management System Software in Bangladesh

In the fast-paced world of pharmacy management system, staying ahead of the competition and ensuring seamless operations are paramount. ZAMAN IT, a trailblazing technology company in Bangladesh, has emerged as a game-changer by providing cutting-edge pharmacy management system software solutions tailored to the unique needs of the healthcare industry in the country. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into why ZAMAN IT is considered the go-to choice for pharmacy management system software in Bangladesh and explore the incredible features and benefits it offers.

Online pharmacy management system software

Pharmacy Management System Software Landscape in Bangladesh

Before we dive into ZAMAN IT‘s remarkable solutions, it’s essential to comprehend the challenges faced by pharmacies in Bangladesh. The pharmaceutical industry in the country is experiencing rapid growth, with an increasing number of pharmacies and clinics. This growth has led to a demand for efficient and integrated management systems to streamline operations, improve customer service, and ensure regulatory compliance.

ZAMAN IT’s Commitment to Excellence

ZAMAN IT, founded in 2008, has established itself as a trusted name in the field of technology solutions. The company’s commitment to excellence is evident in its mission to empower healthcare providers with state-of-the-art software that simplifies pharmacy management. With a team of dedicated professionals and a client-centric approach, ZAMAN IT has consistently delivered innovative solutions that address the unique challenges faced by pharmacies in Bangladesh.

The Key Features of ZAMAN IT’s Pharmacy Management System Software

ZAMAN IT’s pharmacy management system software is a comprehensive suite of tools designed to optimize every aspect of pharmacy operations. Here are some of the standout features:

1. Inventory Management

Efficient inventory management is crucial for pharmacies to avoid stockouts and overstocking. ZAMAN IT’s pharmacy management system software provides real-time inventory tracking, automatic reorder points, and batch management, ensuring pharmacies always have the right medications on hand.

2. Prescription Management

The pharmacy management system software simplifies prescription handling, allowing pharmacists to quickly process and dispense medications. It also integrates with electronic health records (EHR) systems for seamless patient data access.

3. Billing and Accounting

ZAMAN IT’s pharmacy management system software streamlines billing and accounting processes, reducing errors and ensuring accurate financial records. It supports multiple payment methods and generates detailed reports for financial analysis.

4. Regulatory Compliance

Pharmacies must adhere to strict regulatory standards. ZAMAN IT’s pharmacy management system software is designed with compliance in mind, helping pharmacies meet government regulations and maintain accurate records.

5. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The pharmacy management system software includes CRM features to enhance customer service. It stores customer data, tracks purchase history, and enables targeted marketing campaigns to improve customer retention.

6. Analytics and Reporting

ZAMAN IT’s pharmacy management system software offers robust analytics and reporting tools, providing insights into sales trends, inventory turnover, and profitability. Pharmacists can make informed decisions based on data-driven insights.

Benefits of Choosing ZAMAN IT

When pharmacies in Bangladesh choose ZAMAN IT’s pharmacy management system software, they gain numerous benefits, including:

1. Improved Efficiency

The pharmacy management system software automates repetitive tasks, allowing pharmacy staff to focus on patient care. This results in faster prescription processing and reduced wait times for customers.

2. Enhanced Patient Safety

Accurate medication dispensing, drug interaction checks, and allergy alerts help prevent medication errors, ensuring patient safety.

3. Cost Savings

By optimizing inventory management and reducing manual labor, ZAMAN IT’s pharmacy management system software helps pharmacies reduce operational costs.

4. Scalability

The software is scalable and can adapt to the needs of small independent pharmacies as well as large pharmacy chains, supporting business growth.

5. Regulatory Compliance

Pharmacies using ZAMAN IT’s pharmacy management system software can rest assured that they are compliant with government regulations, avoiding legal issues and fines.

Case Studies and Success Stories 

To further illustrate the effectiveness of ZAMAN IT’s pharmacy management system software, we present real-life case studies and success stories from pharmacies in Bangladesh that have benefited from their solutions. These stories showcase how ZAMAN IT’s software transformed their operations and improved customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, ZAMAN IT stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of pharmacy management system software in Bangladesh. With its unwavering commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and regulatory compliance, ZAMAN IT has set the standard for technology solutions in the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmacies across the country can trust ZAMAN IT to streamline their operations, enhance patient care, and drive success in an ever-evolving healthcare landscape. If you’re a pharmacy owner in Bangladesh looking for the best pharmacy management system software, ZAMAN IT is your trusted partner on the path to success.

Pharmacy Management System Software (SMART PHARMACY)

Our pharmacy management system software is very popular in the name SMART PHARMA (Pharmacy software bd). We sale pharmacy management software in Bangladesh for last 16 years. If you want to know pharmacy software price in Bangladesh, just call us 01973009007. We can provide you the best pharmacy billing software for your pharmacy.

Apply Automation, Be Dynamic, Seed up profit

Making use of to an automation system in the right region with the proper generation can make a superb distinction to your business. Only through the use of Pharmacy software program can guarantee a effective output of your pharmacy business. Help to supervise your employees along side accurate facts and customer service.

Track Expense Pharmacy Management Software

With SMART PHARMA, you may easily calculate each day, monthly, or yearly sales and fees. Moreover, you may get entry to your software anytime from everywhere with any digital tool.

Accelerate Your Workforce

Pharmacy Management System automatically tracks the daily activities, such as historical data, output data, etc. Hence helps to speed up your skills and efficiency in the workforce.

Be A Successful Pharmacy owner

SMART PHARMA will help you reach your business in the success stage with its various unique functions. One of the remarkable features; you may enjoy after adopting SMART PHARMA, It is a pharmacy billing software.

Automate Your Account-Book

Only Within one or few clicks will provide the complete financial statements anytime, anywhere to admin. And without a doubt, SMART PHARMA software can transform your whole system with automation and time saver.

Better CRM Management:

Through pharmacy software, you can boost up your customer service with great customer satisfaction. SMART PHARMA gives you the option to store all the customers’ data so that you fulfill their needs with them as per special days, occasions, offers, campaigns.

Rhythm with time:

Pharmacy Management Software

It’s the era of digitalization. Applying automation in business has now become a trend. So to the rhythm with the time, choose a solution that solves your retail pharmacy management problem. Use SMART PHARMA, which can manage your pharmacy shop more efficiently with valid data and information.

Pharmacy Management System Software or Smart Pharmacy

Generally, pharmacy management has been built to manage the medicine stock, especially those usually on the most demanded list for every customer. Moreover, also make sure to record bills, refill, and remove the expired ones. SMART PHARMA transforms all works, like administrative finance and overall operations, into one system.

We understand your hassle and the challenges you face to maintain all these activities manually. Hence are going to introduce an e-Pharmacy concept or Pharmacy Management System below.

Pharmacy software or e-Pharmacy is a managing system consisting of data entry, retrieval, and monitoring stock sale, customer records, and administrator records of each drug’s minimum quantity. It also offers a string search technique in this system; users can search any by using the drug’s name code or description of drugs.

Why Choose Smart Pharma?

With Smart Pharma software, a pharmacist can analyze every detail, even though he/she is far away from his/her enterprise. The pharmacy management software package will record all the customer’s history, invoices, fix, and record the appointments. Therefore pharmacy software efficiently solves all problems paperless, faster, and accurately execution of your pharmacy store.

Accumulative Solutions

A user will get all essential services needed to manage a pharmacy store, including inventory management, purchase order direction, seller report & time-management program.

Secured Framework

Smart Pharma is developed by using PHP & Codeigniter Framework.

Eye-Catchy Interface

Smart Pharma eye-catchy interface is designed with the help of Bootstrap and HTML 5. It is 100% responsive and quality full software.

On-Demand Customizable

This application is 100% customizable. Smart Pharma is very much ready to customize based on users’ requirements.

A Digital Way To Manage Your Pharmacy

Smart Pharma promises to be one of the powerful and economic systems in the marketplace for any size pharmacy operation. It also handles some of the advanced reports, like virtual inventory management. Smart Pharma always ensures that your pharmacy will stand up to the audits, handles all the bills from payers, suppliers, and others.

Several different merchandises within this medicine industry still need various hardware, software, support to improve their software packages. Hence ZAMAN IT is committed to serve the most dynamic solutions to reduce initial infrastructure outlay and maximize support desires.

Pharmacy Management Software

Essential Features Of Pharmacy Management System Software

Smart Pharma helps to reduce your time and money, shifts your daily transaction into an automation system. For a better understanding of yours; we are going to describe some of the amazing yet unique features of Smart Pharma below:-

Pharmacy Management System Software module:

  • Add the medicine category such as liquid, syrup, tablet, or any ointment.
  • Add or set the different unit names and lists such as ml, mg,pc, etc.
  • Also, add the medicine’s type along with the type name, such as pain killer, heart disease, diabetes, etc.
  • Add or set the total number of leaf per box carries.
  • In the “add medicine” option, you can add the brand name, generic name, QR code, barcode, category, picture, price, medicine type, set manufacturer, VAT percentage, and their settled price.
  • The “medicine list” will show the complete list of all the medicine stocked in a pharmacy.
  • Removal of waste products or waste products from stock.
  • Determine the discount product percentage of each product according to the category or separately.
  • Print barcodes on a label printer or laser printer.
  • Customer And Manufacturing Management System
  • Adding customers with names, addresses. Contact numbers, email addresses, and other necessary information.
  • Enter the opening balance between the customer and the supplier.
  • Set the rest of the limit and the deadline as per the requirement.
  • View the stock and buy-sell list according to the manufacturer.
  • View the profit/loss report according to the supplier.
  • Check the customer and supply statements.
  • Purchase Management System
  • Users will get a modern backend POS billing system.
  • Whenever any purchase happens, the user must add the necessary details
  • Purchase list includes all the precious detailed information
  • Demonstrate the time of selling, discount amount, and make the sale price as required.
  • Hold any bill according to need and then recall.
  • Print sales receipt for A4, A5, A6, and POS size.
  • Integrated With Efficient Reporting Function

Report is an essential part of any business. It will help you understand your business’s current condition and help to make future decisions. The report module has the following options:-

  • Add Closing balance
  • Sales Report of users, product and medicine category wise
  • Purchase Report
  • Profit/Loss account (invoice Wise)
  • Profit/Loss account (medicine Wise)
  • Profit/Loss(manufacturer wise)
  • Can check stock reports in various ways.
  • Sale-in-due and money withdrawal list.
  • The list of buy-sells in the remainder of the package, according to customers and suppliers.
  • Integrated Multi-Privileges
  • Automatic backup and restore the database availability as per the user requirement.
  • Product search by code number. barcode, shortcode, brand name, or generic
  • Find out the old receipt for buying and selling with barcode, receipt number, date of purchase, or name of customer/supplier.
  • Can set up a separate printer and paper size according to a computer.
  • SMART PHARMA will run in any version of IEIO, ‘El 1, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge browser.
  • Employee Information Management System

Smart Pharma also comes up with a short human useful resource management system. This system is designed to make certain your green use of employees working on your pharmacy. The HRM module includes the following options:

  • Manage employee detailed information.
  • Smooth the flow of your essential message among the employee & others.
  • Also store contact information such as; SMS, Message & Email, and many more.
  • Website integration To ensure online presence
  • Have the whole report of salary of every employees
  • Also can store all the expenses expenditure needed to run your pharmacy business
  • Also keeps the full record of income tax related information
  • Efficient Invoice System
  • SMART PHARMA offers three different types of selling systems. To make your sale more efficient and comfortable, SMART PHARMA has a unique sale procedure named GUI sale.
  • Can provide smooth transaction facilities by using the Bar/QR code reader or POS invoice facilities.
  • “Add invoice” board, where users can add the medicine information, batch, avail qty, expiry date, quantity, price and many more.
  • “Invoice list,” where you can store all the information, such as invoice no/ID, name of customer, date of purchase, and the total amount.
  • Print invoice receipt for A4, A5, A6, and POS size.
  • Stock Management System

There are two types of stock reports in Smart Pharma:

The first report is for the total quantity of all the products, and the second report is Batch wise. Also, can check the expiration date of medicine batch-wise in this list.

Service Management System

Users can add or create service invoices through this module.
With SMART PHARMA’s service management system, users can add as many services as he/she wants.
Users also get a complete and chronological service list, mentioning the type of the service, services charges, Vat, IGTA, etc.

Return Management System

We all know that; medicine is a perishable commodity. Thus Return management system is considered to be one of the significant functions for a medicine store. Sometimes users have to need to return some product because it has been delivered in a damaged state or for any other reason. Last of all, our system has a good return system.

SMART PHARMA has a unique system, which keeps all records of returned goods too. Users have to insert the invoice number of the returned goods, and it will automatically save to the bulk return list. SMART PHARMA also offers the option to add the product list that had been returned to the manufacturer and a complete list of a damaged medicine. Finally you can manage any return of products.

Accounts Management System


The “Accounts modules” in our SMART PHARMA provide a complete accounts system. Using this module, users can pay the manufacturer’s bill after receiving the payment from customers. The accounts module has the following options:

  • Chart Of Accounts
  • Supplier payment
  • Cash Adjustment
  • Credit Voucher
  • Journal Voucher
  • Manufacturer payment
  • Customer Receive
  • Debit Voucher
  • Contra Voucher
  • Voucher Approval

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