OTP SMS & SMS API in Bangladesh

OTP SMS generally used for website or apps otp verification or any kind of auto notification. If you have any website or ecommerce and if you want to verify customer number, you can use otp SMS so that you can verify his or her number. Beside that different type of apps using otp sms for customer number verification. Even SMS need for different type of notification. If any bank want to send SMS when their client deposit or width draw any amount from bank, he/she will get a sms notification automatically and instantly. If any employee enter the office, boss can get a notification by SMS. In this way different kind of software can use SMS for regular transactional SMS automatically.

 Transactional SMS API

https://sms.zaman-it.com/api/sendsms?api_key=(APIKEY)&type=text&phone=(NUMBER)&senderid=(Sender ID)&message=(SMSContent)

Parameter NameValueDescription
urlhttps://sms.zaman-it.com/api/sendsmsAPI URL
api_key1858361812.rFSlg6LN20EUm5sj5vEnter Your Generated API Key
typetext/unicodetext for normal SMS/unicode for Bangla SMS
phone88017XXXXXXXXExp: 88017XXXXXXXX+88018XXXXXXXX
senderidSender IDGei it from Messaging > Sender ID option
messageMessage From Developer APIN.B: Please use url encoding to send some special characters like &, $, @ etc

Error codes and meaning

Error CodeMeaning
1001Wrong Api Key
1002Wrong Sender ID
1003Type must be text or unicode
1004Only GET and POST Methods Allow
1005You cann’t send sms to this prefix because of prefix inactivity.
1006Insufficient Balance.
1007Please use country code (88).


OTP SMS Price in Bangladesh

Non Masking Price in Bangladesh



Masking SMS Price in Bangladesh



*Masking Registration Time: 10 Working Days

** All prices are Tax & Vat & Masking registration cost excluded.

Bulk SMS text character limit:

  • Only Bangla SMS can send
  • Bangla SMS:1-69 characters- 1 SMS, 70-133 characters- 2 SMS, 134-200 characters- 3 SMS

Bulk SMS Payment Procedure:

  • 100 % advance payment
  • Payment will go to the “Zaman IT” account pay cheque or cash.
  • The client must provide all content with the work order.

Bank Information:

  • Name of Bank: BRAC BANK
  • Address of Bank: ROKEYA SHARON BRANCH
  • Account No: 1548202099997001
  • Account Name: Zaman IT

bKash Payment:

  • Marchant No: 01711584519
  • Personal No: 01973009007

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