Lead Management Software

ZAMAN IT provide Lead management Software. You can manage your all customer by our software. It’s very easy to manage. If you have many sales people and if they have individual product to sale then this software is very essential for you. You can through lead to them by this software. This lead will create automatically and will send SMS to marketing team. It also send SMS to clients also with the assigned persons name and phone number so that they can communicate easily.



Lead Management Software CRM Features

1st of all your call center team or customer relationship manager of front desk will submit a lead in this software from phone call. After that this software will create the lead and will send two SMS. One SMS will deliver to the assigned marketing person and another SMS will go to customer. customer will get the assigned marketing team’s phone number so that they can communicate each other.

As the lead already in your list, you can follow-up the lead by SMS. There is a option for auto follow-up SMS. Beside this marketing team can submit report for every lead. Super admin or management can check every single lead and their report.

Lead Management Software


CRM User Management

There are one super admin and unlimited marketing team user panel. You can submit unlimited clients in your software. So don’t worry to miss your lead. If your marketing team member leave the job, you still have the lead to follow-up.

Lead Management Software


This is a web based software. So you can manage it from any where in the world. You will get 2 apps for this software. One apps for lead submission & another apps for marketing team.

Lead Management Software

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