Law Firm Software in Bangladesh | Best Law Firm Practice Management Software

It’s great to hear that Zaman IT offers what they claim to be the best Law Firm software company in Bangladesh. Managing law firm operations efficiently is essential for legal professionals, and having reliable law firm software tailored to their needs can make a significant difference.
Law Firm Software by Zaman IT

BASIC Package
1800 Taka/month
Excluding Vat & Tax
Yearly Payment
Total User- 1
Server Cost Free
Free Support
Free Update
Installation Cost- 5000 Taka
Free Training(3-4 Hour)- Online(Google meet or Zoom)


     1.User Creation in Law Firm Software:

    • Purpose: This module allows the law firm to create and manage user accounts for staff members, lawyers, and other personnel.
    • Benefits: User management ensures that each member of the firm has access to the necessary features and data, enhancing security and control over the system.
  1. Case Information Addition:
    • Purpose: This module enables the input of essential case details, such as case names, descriptions, dates, parties involved, and other relevant information.
    • Benefits: Efficiently storing and organizing case information simplifies case tracking, enhances transparency, and ensures that important details are readily accessible.
  2. Category-wise Case Information Addition:
    • Purpose: This feature allows categorizing cases based on practice areas, legal specialties, or case types (e.g., criminal, civil, family law).
    • Benefits: Categorization facilitates easy retrieval and reporting of cases, streamlining workflows for lawyers and staff specializing in specific areas of law.
  3. Lawyer Assignment (Case-wise):
    • Purpose: This module enables the assignment of specific cases to lawyers within the firm.
    • Benefits: Assigning cases to lawyers ensures accountability, workload distribution, and efficient case management. It also simplifies communication among team members working on the same case.

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