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We are a leading advertising agency and 1st digital marketing company in Bangladesh known to create effective Ad campaigns driven by research, design thinking, and storytelling. Today every single person uses the internet. They are your online consumers and as such can become customers for you through different ad campaigns! Nobody cares how big your company is. Most of the cases they even don’t visit your office. If you can properly market your products or services through digital media channels and Ad campaigns, you will win the race. Because in the digital platform the difference between big and small companies is really very small. This is where ZAMAN IT helps you.

If you want to win, call us immediately before your competitors do. Let us provide the best digital strategy for you that will increase your profits and take your company to the highest pick. Let us craft a “living” brand right from scratch.

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We analyze consumers’ behavior and online trends to provide digital marketing services in Bangladesh. Let’s promote your brand and deliver a lasting impact on your sales and growth.

We understand that digital marketing strategies are many and few companies can do them all. But why would you trust us? Well, we have:

  • Over 15+ years of experience and customer satisfaction
  • A vast range of digital marketing products based on your business requirements.
  • Our lead generation service in Bangladesh and all over the world has reached at it’s highest quality.
  • We are one of the best Market Research Companies in Bangladesh. 
  • Wide range of portfolio for Digital Marketing services for upstarts and enterprises to eCommerce businesses. 
  • A better understanding of the data and the ability to exploit them for getting a positive ROI.
  • A human approach to our business model. We provide a campaign with a face that customers can relate to.
  • A professional approach with a flexible and innovative mindset. That’s why we welcome your input at any time.

The result? We will save your so much time, effort, and money. Thanks to our 15+ years of experience and proven marketing strategies that work! 


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Why Digital Marketing?

Your marketing effort is incomplete if you don’t use the power of digital channels. Proper use of digital channels can drastically improve your website traffic and brand reputation. According to Web Strategies Inc., the average firms allocated a 42% increase in online marketing budget in 2018 and this rate is expected to grow to 45% by 2020. This only goes on to prove the importance of digital channels like websites, blogging, social media, content marketing, SEO, video, and more.

  • Digital marketing is pacing at an 11% compound annual growth rate between 2016 and 2021
  • Study shows that social media marketing investments are growing at a rate of 17% compound annual growth (representing 25% of the total online spending).
  • Investment in social media marketing company in Bangladesh tends to grow than ever before (74% of global marketers use social media marketing, HubSpot). Social Media Marketing in Bangladesh has become an integral part of every business.
  • Investments in email marketing, paid search, social media advertising, display advertising, and online video advertising will account for 46% of the entire advertising revenue by 2021.

ZAMAN IT is the leading IT company in Bangladesh. We are working for last 15 years in Dhaka. We import fingerprint attendance machine from china. Our products are the top brand in china as well in the world. You can use our product without any hesitation and all the product has 1 year warranty.

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