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In today’s digital age, regular communication or stay up to date with customers is a crucial thing for business. It is half time less hard to convince your customers for being your repeated customers than first time. So get in touch in a regular gap basis with existing customer is important and one of the most effective tools to achieve this goal is our “Bulk SMS BD” tool. Bulk sms marketing is an effective way to reach a huge number of customers at a time. Zaman IT is the first bulk sms service provider in Bangladesh. We have been providing bulk sms services to our customers since 2008.

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Non Masking Bulk SMS BD Price

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bulk sms bd

Masking Bulk SMS BD Price


*Masking Registration Time: 7 Working Days

** All prices are Tax & Vat & Masking registration cost excluded.

Bulk SMS BD text character limit:

  • Bangla SMS can send
  • Bangla SMS:1-69 characters- 1 SMS, 70-133 characters- 2 SMS, 134-200 characters- 3 SMS

Bulk SMS BD Payment Procedure:

  • 100 % advance payment
  • Payment will go to the “Zaman IT” account pay cheque or cash.
  • The client must provide all content with the work order.

Bank Information:

  • Name of Bank: BRAC BANK
  • Address of Bank: ROKEYA SHARON BRANCH
  • Account No: 1548202099997001
  • Account Name: Zaman IT

bKash Payment:

  • Marchant No: 01711584519
  • Personal No: 01973009007

BTRC Approval certificate for Bulk SMS BD:

bulk sms bd

In the world of Bulk SMS Marketing, ZAMAN IT’s Bulk SMS BD software is the auto choice for businesses. With its exceptional features, commitment to quality, and proven track record, ZAMAN IT remains in the number 1 position for all of your Bulk SMS needs since 2008.

What is Bulk SMS Marketing?

Bulk SMS service is an effective way of marketing. The ultimate goal of every business is to reach more customers with their services or products. In this digital age, there are a lot of ways to reach customers i.e, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Facebook advertisement, Google advertisement, bulk SMS marketing and many more. So, In short, Bulk SMS Marketing is the strategy to send SMS to the mass number of  people simultaneously. 

Zaman IT's bulk sms marketing tool "bulk sms bd"

What is Bulk SMS BD?

Manual approach of SMS marketing is really a time consuming and hassle to do. Suppose you have 4000 customers list or prospect leads and you want to reach these number of customers by sms marketing. Now thing how much time will it consume to do it. In this scenario, Zaman IT has come with a bulk sms marketing tool that is hugely popular and known as “Bulk SMS BD” in Bangladesh.

How Can SMS Marketing Tool “Bulk SMS BD” Help You?

Bulk SMS BD for Business Growth: Bulk SMS BD can help businesses reach a wider audience. You can send a mass number of messages at a time. So you do not have to take hassle to send sms manually. You can finish all the required processes to reach bulk number of customers with our bulk sms bd tool in just 10 minutes. That means your marketing team will have the opportunity to invest the rest of the time for business growth.

Tips of Using Bulk SMS BD: In our software we integrate tutorial section to learn about how to use our bulk sms marketing tool and how to optimize content for our tool. So you don’t need to be tensed about how to use it. It is not necessary to be technically sound. If you are a non technical person, our software interface will seem easy to you as well.

Top Bulk SMS Service Provider: Zaman IT is the first and no.1 Bulk SMS service provider in Bangladesh. Undoubtedly, we are the first pioneer in Bangladesh for SMS marketing. Our bulk sms marketing tool “Bulk SMS BD” is being used by our honorable customers since 2008. Once we were the only existing company of Bulk SMS marketing in Bangladesh. But now a days, there are a lot of companies and start up are offering this service. We have now a few more competition but still we are the top among all of them.

Key Feature to Consider Bulk SMS BD: There a few of key features which you should consider before choosing the best bulk sms marketing software i.e, Content management, message personalization, scheduling, SMS template, delivery report etc. Zaman IT’s sms marketing tool “Bulk SMS BD” offers these key features along with 10 more additional features.

Pricing Plans: Zaman IT knows the pain point of marketing. Because we are in the marketing since 2008 and we know how much it is important to optimize marketing cost to make more profits. We are offering a competitive pricing plans in few different packages which are optimized for every businesses. A startup or struggling company can be benefited from our offering prices as well. We are providing bulk sms marketing at 25 poisa per sms.

Regulatory and Legal Aspects: Zaman IT respects the laws of government and we believe in ethical business practices. We are a registered and BTRC approved Bulk SMS marketing company in Bangladesh.

Measuring Success with Bulk SMS BD: Zaman IT’s bulk sms marketing tool is enriched with the features of success measuring system of your sms marketing campaign along with monitoring delivery reports.

Trial Using Features: Before reach to the final conclusion of selecting your desired bulk sms marketing software you may use our trial version to know in detail about all the features and be familiarized with our user friendly interface. 

Bulk SMS BD Software Trial Use:

Use the given IP address and credential to login in our Bulk SMS BD software back-end to know in detail about how to use it.

  • User: 01234567890
  • Pass: 01234567890

How The Future Trends of Bulk SMS BD Software Will be?

We first started to provide our bulk sms marketing services for your customers in 2008 and till now the graph of acquiring new customers of our Bulk SMS BD tool is going to touch the sky. In this eCommerce era, undoubtedly  the demand will be increasing because every day the number of eCommerce entity is growing and the ultimate goal of every business is more customers, more sales, more profit & when you will have Bulk SMS BD it will be more easier to acquire more profit.

What Our Happy Customers Say About Us

Zaman IT Bulk SMS Service Happy Client Shahin Alam

Shahin Alam

I didn’t know about Zamal IT but I was searching for a good agency or company in Bangladesh for Bulk SMS Services. Somehow I found Zamal IT when I was searching on Google. I took their SMS Marketing Services for my business in 2018 first and got a good result and support from them. Since then I am a regular customer of Zaman IT Bulk SMS Service.I definitely recommend their services to them who are looking for no.1 bulk sms marketing service provider in Bangladesh.

Mahbubur Rahman

I am a Electrical Engineer by education but an entrepreneur by choice. I always want to have my own business. I have started to work for my passion in 2018 and since then Zaman IT was with me. I made my company website, POS, Accounting and HR Payroll software from Zaman IT. I have been taking their service since the starting period of my business.After taking their services since more than 5 years, I can say Zaman IT is the number one Bulk SMS Service provider in BD along with their web design, digital marketing and software services.

Bulk SMS Service Happy client of Zaman IT

Shahriar Saklain

Are you looking for a renowned bulk sms service provider in bd? Looking no further, I can recommend you Zaman IT bulk sms services. They are offering website design, Software and Digital marketing solution since 2008. I have started my own business in 2021 and looking for a company who will provide one stop solution of all digital needs for a startup and luckily I knew about Zaman IT from one of my friend. I have been taking their different services since then and I am truly happy for their services, especially on their website design and bulk sms services.

Rozina Akter Lipi

I am a women entrepreneur and owner of a renowned women salon based on Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am used to with sms marketing to find out local client for my beauty salon. So, I have been taking Zaman IT’s bulk sms services since 2018 and undoubtedly Zaman IT is the number 1 bulk sms service provider in Bangladesh.

Additionally, Zaman IT can be the best fit for them who need the contact number of the local area people to do marketing among them because of Zaman IT has the vast contact number database of all categories people.

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