• Student Search: Filtering by Student ID, Student Name and University List. It helps to find any Student quickly.
    • Pre-Information Form:
      • New Form: All pre-information of a Student.
      • All form: List of Form. You can View/Delete.
    • Settings/Add:
      • New Registration: Add new Student
      • Add University Info: Add/Delete new university information.
      • Assign University: Assign any student to university. List of university wise Student.
      • Add Requisition Purpose: Add/Delete from here the purpose of requisition. A list of Requisition Particulars Name.
      • Add Requisition: Requisition Pre Entry
      • Add Voucher: Add/Delete any Voucher.
      • Add Check List: Student University Search.
    • Accounts:
      • Opening Balance: Opening Investment
      • Add Expenses Heads: Add new expense head.
      • Add Expenses: Entry your expenses details.
      • Add Income Heads: Add new income head.
      • Add Income: Entry your income details.
    • Money Receipt:
      • New Money Receipt: Entry new Money Receipt.
      • List money Receipt: A list of money receipt and you can also pay from here.
    • Search/View:
      • All Student
      • All Voucher
      • Requisition: A list of student requisition and entry of requisition.
      • Expense Report
      • Income Report
      • Profit and Loss Statement
      • Individual Payment Record.


    1. Unlimited User
    2. Access from anywhere
    3. Unlimited PC access
    4. Individual access & user panel
    5. Low cost & best support

    Development Tools:

    • Language: PHP
    • Database: MySQL
    • Framework: CI

    Price with 3 month free support:

    Package Price(One Time) Monthly Service Charge (After 3 month)
    1-10 User 80,000/= 4000 Taka
    11-20 User 120,000/= 5000 Taka
    21-30 User 1,50,000/= 8000 Taka

     Payment Procedure:

    • 50% Advance Payment & 50% After delivery
    • Payment will goes to ZAMAN IT Accounts pay Cheque.


    • 1st¬†training: Free
    • 2nd training & others: 2000 taka(In Zaman IT), 5000 taka(In clients office)