Non Masking SMS Package

SMS Quantity Price
1,000-9,999 0.40 tk/sms
10,000-49,999 0.35 tk/sms
50,000-99,999 0.30 tk/sms
1,00,000+ 0.25 tk/sms
  • All prices are 21.5% tax, vat & SD excluded

Masking SMS Package

SMS Quantity Price
1,000-9,999 0.70 tk/sms
10,000-49,999 0.60 tk/sms
50,000-99,999 0.50 tk/sms
1,00,000+ 0.45 tk/sms
  • All prices are 21.5% tax, vat & SD excluded
  • Masking Cost: 3000 Taka/op.
  • Reseller Cost: 1000 taka
  • Masking Allowed: GrameenPhone, Robi, Airtel, Banglalink, Teletalk
  • SMS API available
  • You cannot deduct any VAT from the bill because telecom operator do not provide us any vat challan.
  • Payment is 100% prepaid with work order with VAT, SD & SC



    • Send SMS from your Brand Name. (Sender ID Maximum 11 Characters)
    • Auto duplicate number delete optionsms-banner-en
    • Auto invalid number delete option
    • Company database access and can send SMS
    • Individual SMS to individual number
    • Easy web interface utility.
    • Password Protected Web Access.
    • Send messages to upto 450 characters (160 characters/SMS).
    • Free Phone and Email support.
    • No hidden costs.
    • Real Time SMS Delivery Report.
    • Management Information Report: Complete MIS with downloadable report in MS-Excel format.
    • Pricing: Fare Pricing for all Networks and Destination
    • Payment Type: Prepaid
    • Payment Option: Payment through Bkash or Bank Transfer
    • Security: 100% Security and Privacy Protection
    • Our price is vat and tax excluded.

Our API Documentation is as follows:
Short SMS (160 Characters Max):
Long SMS (upto 1080 Characters):
Send Schedule SMS:
To Send Unicode SMS:
To Send Unicode SMS in Binary format:
user– Your User ID
password– Your Password
sender– Sender ID Max. 11 Characters
SMSText– The Body of the SMS
GSM– Mobile Number without Leading ‘+'(eg: 8801XXXXXXXX)
To check you Balance use:
To check Delivery Reports:
 messageid – optional, for requesting specific delivery reports –
possibility of
requesting several by separating the value with comma (,)
Return values:
 5 – invalid username and/or password
 10 – missing username
 11 – missing password
Example of delivery report sent using GET method
<message id=”1023012301″ sentdate=”2005/7/19 22:0:0″ donedate=”2005/7/19
status=”NOT_SENT” />