• Dashboard Doctor: In dashboard doctor can see the short status and report of patient
    • New Patient Entry: This option use for new patient and their serial entry
    • View All Patient: Doctor can get all patient information here with their all history and past prescription
    • Doctor’s Information: Here doctor can setup his/her information so that in pad it can print automatically
    • Doctor’s Chamber: Here doctor can setup his/her all chamber address that will print in footer in prescription
    • Patient Serial: This option use for patient serial
    • View Patient Serial: This option use to see all patient serial.
    • Patient Disease Setting: This option can use for pre-disease setting option with pre-prescription so that doctor can create a prescription within one click.
    • New Medicine: All medicine already in software but if doctor want to enter any new medicine, he can do it by himself/herself.
    • Add New Investigation: All investigation list is already there but doctor can enter new investigation here if need
    • Add New Document: With prescription, doctor can print attached documents if need.
  • Add New Advice: This option use for pre-setup new advice


Development Tools:


    • Language: PHP
    • Database: MySQL
    • Framework: CI


Price with 1 month free support: 25000 Taka


Monthly Service Charge: 1000 Taka


Payment Procedure:


  • 50 Percent advance payment for Store  Prescription Management
  • 50 Percent due payment within 3 days after complete the full project.
  • Client must provide all content with work order.
  • Payment will goes to “ZAMAN IT” account pay cheque.